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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I log in to the calendar?

Anyone with a CNetID or a UCHAD and password can log in to the University of Chicago Events Calendar. If your CNetID or UCHAD and password are not working, contact IT Services Support at

How do I add an event to the campus calendar?

Visit How to Submit Events to the Campus Calendar.

How do I attach an image to an event?

It is now possible to attach an image to an event through the add/edit form in the Calendar Admin. To do so you have two options: (A) If you already have the image on your website, you can simply enter its URL in the "Image URL" field. (B) You can upload an image by clicking the "Choose File" button and then selecting the image on your system.

What are calendar widgets?

The calendar widgets are small boxes that display events within any website. The current widgets include a list format, a calendar grid format, RSS, and iCal. Different settings are available to limit the number of events and determine the time period of events on display.