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The following calendar policies were developed by IT Services and the Office of Communications. If you have questions or concerns about our policies, please contact us.

Terms & Conditions

It is the responsibility of the calendar administrators to delete inappropriate or irrelevant material on their calendars. If in doubt about whether an event is inappropriate or irrelevant, please contact us.

Each calendar is required to have an administrator subscribed to our calendar admin listhost. If an administrator unsubscribes from this list, then they must designate a new administrator.

A calendar with no administrator will be shut down. A calendar with no substantive activity over one calendar year will also be shut down after the administrator has been contacted. As always, if IT Services Network Security determines that a calendar threatens services, hosts, or individuals on the University network, it will take appropriate action to end the threat.

Calendar administrators are allowed one warning per academic year for breaking the above policies. If a failure is repeated, then IT Services will shut down their calendar. The decision to shut down a calendar can be reversed only by IT Risk.

These terms and conditions can be revised at any time. Revisions will be announced to all calendar administrators and posted on our website.


All University of Chicago calendars should follow the University of Chicago Brand Identity Guidelines.


All events should have at least one category checked and may belong to multiple categories. Please make sure that you do not select categories that do not apply to your event. If you are unsure of how to select a category, please contact us. Events that are not directly affiliated with the University of Chicago may be indicated with the Non-University event category.

All events automatically appear on the main campus calendar. If for some reason you do not want your event to appear on the University-wide calendar, please select the following category: “Suppress from main campus”.

Event Sharing Policy

Events on the University Calendar may be shared with other calendar groups on campus. Calendar moderators can elect to share with other groups when creating or approving the event. Shared events will appear on the other groups’ calendars without the need to create separate events on each calendar.

Sharing events is a powerful tool for administrators. It prevents duplicate events from appearing every time an event needs to appear on more than one calendar and allows interested groups to display events from other groups on their calendar.

Because sharing is an important tool, it is important that all calendar administrators be aware of the policies and guidelines of event calendar sharing.

Steps to ensure your shared event is approved:

  • You can share your event with any calendar group, but that calendar group administrator will need to approve the event before it appears on their calendar. Some calendar administrators may not check their group regularly for shared events, so it is important that you email the calendar administrator for each event you wish to share. If you need to know who is the administrator for a particular calendar, please contact us.
  • Include all pertinent data (e.g., time, date, event location, and recurrence).
  • A calendar administrator has the right to limit which events appear on their calendar, so there is no guarantee that an event you share with another calendar group will be accepted.
  • If an event has been shared with your calendar you will need to accept the event before it will appear in your calendar group. You do not have to accept any event shared with your group. You can simply delete the notification and the event will not appear in your calendar group.


Events taking place at a location other than on the University of Chicago campus should be indicated by selecting “Off-Campus (See description)” from the drop-down menu. Exact details regarding the event location should then be given in the description field. Events taking place off-campus should still be affiliated with the University of Chicago unless otherwise specified by your department.


It is the responsibility of the calendar administrator to make sure each event has an appropriate title and description and that it uses proper syntax and grammar and has no misspellings. Web Services and the Office of Communications may edit your event when errors are found or when the event is selected as a homepage featured event. For more information about writing effective event titles, please visit How to Title Events.