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How to Set Up and Manage RSVP's

LiveWhale features an internal RSVP system that will allow you to manage your event attendees and set an automatic event reminder and follow-up communication.

You can choose to be notified by email when new attendees RSVP by checking the box “Notify by email when RSVPs are submitted.” Emails will be sent to the address provided in the “E-mail address of event organizer” field.

Limiting RSVP's

If space is limited for your event, you can limit RSVPs to a maximum number of your choosing. Registration will close when that number has been reached. You can also enable a waitlist to help you account for no-shows at your event.

You can also limit your RSVPs to registrants with specific email addresses or domains. For example, if your event is only open to the University community, you can limit RSVPs to “” and only those registering with a UChicago email address will be able to do so successfully.

Registration Period

Setting a registration period for your event can be helpful if you need to provide food or a seating chart for your event. Your RSVP start and cutoff times can be set to a specific date and time down to the minute.

For recurring events, select the "Choose Session" checkbox under the Additional Fields section to allow users to register for an individual event, multiple events, or all events.

RSVP options

You can edit the sessions listed with titles or dates related to your event, which will appear on the public facing calendar as so.

RSVP form showing

Where Can I See Who Has RSVP'd?

If you are logged in as a Calendar Group Administrator and click on the “Your Events” tab on the upper right, you will see a new selection of tabs: Dashboard, Your Events, RSVPs, Images, Locations, Files, Tags, and Widgets.

How to find who has RSVP'ed to your events

Select “RSVPs” to see all your events that have RSVP enabled. From here, you can get a snapshot of how many people have registered for the event. If you click the event title, you can see all the information submitted by each user through the RSVP form. The default form collects data in the following categories*: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone (optional), and Comments (optional).

*Note: These form fields cannot be customized per event at this time. If additional form fields are required, it is recommended to use an external RSVP system, such as Eventbrite.

In this view, you can also add comments to each registrant’s RSVP (only visible to you), print a list of registrants, export a CSV file of registrants, and send an email to all registrants.

Dashboard for managing event RSVP's

Emails to registrants are automatically styled to be consistent with the university-branded emails.

Preview for how RSVP confirmation emails are received by users