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How to Submit Events as a Non-Admin

The Submit Event form is designed for members of the UChicago community who do not have Calendar Group Administrator access to the University Events Calendar to submit or suggest an event to a particular calendar.

Submit Event is located on the top red bar next to the support. Non-Calendar Group Administrators who would like to submit an event must log into the LiveWhale system using their CNETID and password by clicking on the ‘Log In’ button located in the upper right-hand corner. After completing the event details fields, they should then select the calendar where they want the event to appear.

The Calendar Group Administrator of the selected calendar group will receive an email informing them of the submission. The Calendar Group Administrator will then review, edit, and either approve or reject the suggested event.

Calendar Group Administrators can see all suggested events under the "My Event" tab along with the submitter's contact information.