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How to Title Events

Please follow the guidelines below when submitting events to the campus events calendar. Events that don’t follow our guidelines may be edited for the University homepage or UChicago Intranet.


  • Your title should be less than 70 characters long, including spaces.
  • Quotation marks should not be used in your event titles.
  • All caps should not be used in your event titles.
  • The lecture series name should appear in the description, not in the event title. The goal here is to lure a user to your event with an evocative title, and then give them the full information on the event landing page. For example, if your full title is: The Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Company and the Department of Music Present “Ruddigore,” a Supernatural Fairytale”, we suggest putting the full title and speaker in the description and using Ruddigore, a Supernatural Fairytale for the title. This is the title that will appear on the event widget. See more examples in the table below.
  • If it’s necessary to put the speaker’s name or lecture series name on the event title, then we suggest trying to make it as succinct as possible. For example, if the title is Denis Johnson Reads from “Jesus’ Son,” the entry on the homepage may be Denis Johnson Reading with the full listing saved for the description. Another option is to say, Denis Johnson: Jesus’ Son.
  • The goal in reducing the length of the title is to give the most pertinent information and to make our homepage clear and succinct. The title can attract more views by keeping it short and descriptive.
  • Avoid using acronyms in the title. Again, you have a description field in which you can list the full event.
  • If your event title is too long, you could try replacing “and” with an ampersand (&).
  • If your event title includes an em dash(—), please copy and paste the em dash from Word or a similar program. We do not accept (--) for (—).


Examples of acceptable event titles
Original Revised Homepage Title
The Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Company and the Department of Music Present “Ruddigore,” a Supernatural Fairytale Ruddigore, a Supernatural Fairytale
First Friday Lecture—The Best of All Possible Worlds: On the Marriage Between Theodicy and Utopia (Graham School) The Marriage Between Theodicy & Utopia
Cinema, Nature, Ecology Series Nature Delineated: An Evening with David Gatten Cinema, Nature, & Ecology Series