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User Guide

Welcome to the University of Chicago Events Calendar User Guide. In the navigation to the left, you will see links to the user guide categories. Choose one to learn more about how to use this web application.

Only the Calendar Group Administrator can enter an event on UChicago Events. If you’re already administering a calendar, your department calendar events will automatically feed into the campus events calendar.

What is a Calendar Administrator?

Most University divisions and University groups have a designated calendar administrator(s) who has been trained in the use of the University of Chicago Events Calendar and has privileges to publish events for their calendar group. To become a Calendar Group Administrator and obtain a new calendar for your website, submit a Request for New Calendar.


New calendar administrators should log in to Workday Learning and complete the LiveWhale Calendar Training to gain the skills to operate the LiveWhale Calendar for events management.

Logging In

If you are a Calendar Group Administrator, sign in to the LiveWhale system with your CNetID and password using the ‘Log In’ button located in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

image showing where the log in link is located in the Events Calendar navigation

Before Creating Events

Make sure your event has not already been entered by another group (or by another member of your group) by checking the campus events calendar. Making this a habit will help avoid duplicate entries. It is possible that an event may be created under a different title than you’d expect. Because you can only edit events added by your group, you’ll need to contact the original submitter to alter this event. Please use the contact information connected to the event or contact us to learn who submitted the event.